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The following are guidelines domino99, bandarq, aduq, bandar66, perang baccarat, capsa susun only and although they are intended to help you win more often we cannot offer guarantees. These guidelines are mainly for pot-poker draw limits (when the maximum salary increase is the amount of money in the pot):

1. You usually need two pairs, which must be stronger before the pot is opened to raise.

2. You need at least two Aces to open a bid unless there are only one or two other players to bet after you. If there is only one player to bet after you we gamble Situs judi QQ at least two kings and if you are last to bet you can go with two queens.

3. If you intend to re-raise you really need three, maybe about three sixes against the average player.

4. If the pot is opened in the last two positions you can call with two Kings. If the pot is opened in another position we suggest you have at least a pair of Aces.

5. Don't call straight different clothes. Like 9 from Clubs, 8 from Spades, 7 Hearts, 6 from Clubs and 5 from Diamonds or the same straight.

6. Most often players don't bluff, if you have no reason to suspect from the way they play that they have a bad hand youd good to believe they have a good hand. But from time to time you have to bluff them or they will bluff more and more. You also have to make sure you bluff occasionally or other players will never contact you when you have won a hand.

7. Even when you have bad luck we strongly recommend that you don't play on a low pair, this is a common mistake with players who lose and don't despair fall into this trap.

We also recommend that you read as much about game tatics and stratgies as you can but remember there is no substitute for practice. You can play for free so practice for free at one of the casino Reviews on this site.

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