How To Check SMTP settings?

If you are unable to retrieve email from any computer or phone, do not worry. Maybe as simple as reconfiguring the SMTP address of your server. So what SMTP? This is the email system uses to route e-mail through the internet. Incoming e-mails to your SMTP details and then will be transferred to the designated recipient. But if the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol e-mail server is set for your ISP (as often happens) it will not work when you're travelling!

You need a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol worldwide Server.

In order for your email to work at multiple locations around the world, it is imperative you set global SMTP details. global server SMTP allows you to check your business email on a PDA or a personal laptop of any city in the world without the need to change your email settings.

Change the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Network Address your Outlook. Here are the instructions to change your SMTP server address in Outlook:

1) Select the Tools menu, then select 'Account Settings'.

2) Select your email account, select Change

3) Modify the email Outgoing Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP server for your new network (see link below). Do not change the Incoming mail server settings. Next, select 'More Settings.

4) Click the 'Outgoing Server'. Disable 'out my server (SMTP) requires authentication'. Click the 'Advanced' tab.

5) Modify the Outgoing Server (SMTP) port 2525. Port Number to alternative 25, 8025 587.

With these changes easily, you can now check e-mail business from anywhere in the world.

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