Organizing projects for a clean kid room

The world of children is filled with prone to a change emotions and exciting new experiences that vary from day to day. “World” in this case would be the place where they spend most of their time, and given their young age, that place most often happens to be the their home or more precisely their own room. A place of solitude, a fortress filled with toys, clothes and video games. This is how it must seem to the children but definitely not the parents. They constantly try to organize and label their kid’s room and that’s fine, children should have a sense of organization and order in their lives. There are plenty of ways to organize your kid’s room but the easiest and most productive way to do that is by doing all of that yourself with the not-to-be ignored opinion of your kid, because ,to be honest, he/she will be the one living there, it should be comfortable and suitable according to the child’s needs and preferences.

Starting off by going through all the clothes and sorting them out is not a bad path towards a good organization scheme for your children’s room. It is highly recommended that you donate part of the clothes that no longer fit your kid or are too worn off, do not hesitate to throw off the ones not suitable for wearing. You will be surprised how much wardrobe space you can clear just by donating some of the clothes, you will also be doing somebody less fortunate a favor, as they say, two birds with one stone. Buy bins, boxes or baskets to store different types of clothes. For example, one bin for laundry and another for clothes for donation and it is easier to be tenancy cleaned.

Moving on to toys. Every child likes toys, they play with them, they put them in their mouths and eventually break them. Broken or severed toys can cause half the clutter in your child’s room. Ask your kid to help you gather all the toys in the room and put them in a box. Once all the toys are gathered start separating the broken ones from the ones still sound, ask your child’s opinion as we all know how often they form attachments to certain objects and toys. The toys your child is no longer interested in can also go up for donation. You can even put an extra bin for toys going to donation. Ask from your child to try and select one or two toys every week that will go up for donation.

More space. Space and organizational scheme is your goal for your child’s room. Do not underestimate the materials you have in your house for building something neat that could work well in a kid’s room. Planks, shelfs and even old boxes will do an excellent job if you try and put together a little shelf to hang on the wall or a toy swing using nothing but rope and planks. Try and look for a book shelf, they are a lot cheaper and some of you might come across one or two stored and forgotten in the basement. They are perfect for putting up bins on them and filling them with either clothes or toys, they are also ideal for being carted around the house if your children want to switch the playground.

Most kids are pretty good at letting old things, or stuff they have outgrown go but if that’s not the case with your children then they might need a little guidance. Show them their space, ask them what they want to leave and want to keep, consult with them before installing new equipment and the transformation begin.

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